The oldest, richest and most vibrant ethnic festival of 

North East India. 

Every year from the 15th to 19th of February, the sleepy valley of Taralangso, situated at the outskirts of Diphu Town in the state of Assam, comes alive resounding with the celebrations of the Karbi Youth Festival (KYF), the oldest, largest, most colourful and vibrant youth festival of Assam in North East India. With a view to propagate the rich cultural identity of the tribe, the Karbi Youth Festival is slowly showcasing the ethnic diversity of the Karbi tribe during the celebrations of Karbi Youth Festival. Started in the early 80’s, the Karbi Youth Festival have shown the path for other ethnic tribes to preserve and propagate their cultural identity. This unknown tribal festival of India is slowly making a limelight into the world of cultural ethnicity. Most of the ethnic festivals in the north east India have originated in the later part of the 80’s. This makes the Karbi Youth Festival the oldest Ethnic Festival of India. This tribal folk festival showcases the folk culture of the Karbi tribe dwelling in the various north eastern states of India.

Ru Rangsina Sarpo. The Legendary Deity of music who showed culture and tradition to the Karbi tribe.  MORE->


The harvesting dance HACHA-KEKAN is performed by youths of the Karbi tribe after completion of harvesting of crops. It usually falls in the month of January. The harvested crops after threshing are put in sacks called Sok Mantung made out of silk clothes tied at the mouths and youths dance their way carrying the sacks on their shoulders to the grain stores, rejoicing for the wealthy collection of their crops. View this wonderful tribal dance of Assam in North East India during the Karbi Youth Festival.   MORE–>

Being a highlander and grown up with abundance of natural resources, the Karbi tribe have lesser use of iron and steel utilities and have larger collection of wooden and bamboo crafts to meet their basic amenities. Best hand crafted tribal crafts can be viewed and purchased during the Karbi Youth Festival, the most beautiful ethnic tribal festival of Assam in North East India.


An elderly woman with traditional ear ring known as Nothengpi. This earning is made with silver. One can proceed to the exhibition stalls during this mega ethnic festival. MORE–>

The Gourd bottle called Bong plays a very important role in the Karbi society. The use of gourd bottle is found in almost all religious and traditional programmes of the Karbi tribe. The Karbi tribe possesses the richest cultural epitome with diverse platform.  MORE –>


Batheli is a twin-cabled bow in which there is a platform in the middle of the cables, made from thread, for holding the ball (specially made of hardened soil). It is executed by pulling the bow and making an angle for diversion so that it hit the target rather than at the bow. This unique bow is used only by the Karbi tribe. One can view this ethnic tribal game can be witnessed during the ethnic tribal festival of Assam in North East India. MORE–>